About The Marketing Associates

As an enthusiastic, hard-working and entrepreneurial individual, I founded The Marketing Associates to work with other professional service businesses to support them in their business growth through aligned and strategic marketing activity.

Having spent years in marketing and advertising agencies, I wanted to break the norm and offer business owners a far more strategic and streamlined approach to marketing. The Marketing Associates does this by briefing and managing all third-party marketing services to ensure a totally aligned marketing approach, delivery and results.

The Marketing Associates is responsible for creating a successful outsourced consultancy model, bringing together other marketing experts across all areas of the marketing mix from SEO to copywriter, social media to web designers, to enable our clients to have the very best marketing resources.

Since 2014 The Marketing Associates, formerly know as The Marketing Assistant, has worked for and supported a large variety of businesses across London and the South East, from a range of professional industry sectors. These included the re-brand and marketing strategy for a large Independent Travel Agency firm based across Kent & Sussex, outsourced Marketing Director for a top London Law firm, outsourced Marketing Director for a growing IFA business based across the South of England and directing the marketing campaign for the launch of a brand-new Kent leisure facility.

To read more about my experience please visit my LinkedIn page.

About Tabitha Beasley, owner of The Marketing Associates

About Tabitha Beasley

Owner of The Marketing Associates

As an award-winning freelance strategic marketing consultant based in Kent, I am dedicated to helping professional service businesses to get their marketing working for them and taking it to the next level.

I am passionate about supporting my clients to set business objectives and achieve them through considered marketing strategies, using supportable marketing activities that gain the desired results.

I have over ten years’ London agency experience working across many global brands including Virgin, Oxfam, O2, Dove and Avis, with skills spanning Integrated, Direct & Digital Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Loyalty and Social Media sectors. I have a degree in PR & Marketing along with other industry qualifications. I have won several industry awards and have been guest speaker at Kent’s largest business event, three years running.

I am a qualified professional with a thirst for knowledge and self-development, and with three children I enjoy the demands of an active life.

Our Associates

Paddy White of Virtual Diamond

Paddy White

Paddy White and her team bring an array of experience as a virtual assistant and they have a diverse background in administration. As the founder of Virtual Diamond, an award-winning virtual assistant business, she and her experienced team have played a crucial role in providing top-tier administrative support to small business owners and self-employed individuals who lack specific departmental support, providing a wide variety of back-office services for businesses including diary and email management, holiday and events bookings, onsite events management, bookkeeping and social media support.

Since its inception in 2014, Paddy has guided Virtual Diamond to become an indispensable partner for her clients. Her friendly approach and dedication to delivering quality results in order to exceed client expectations is a demonstration of her and her team’s skills and the commitment to excellence in the VA domain. 

In addition to her professional accomplishments and away from the keyboard, Paddy is a dedicated scout leader, a passionate netball player, and an aspiring world traveller.

Amana Ahmad from The Social Factor

Amana Ahmad

Amana started The Social Factor in 2018 with the aim of helping businesses that know they need social media but either are stuck on how to use it in order to generate enquiries or they just don’t have the the time or resources to be managing it well.  

She has run workshops, trained businesses and managed social media for over 50 different businesses.

Specialising in Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn Amana uses creative approaches to increase the businesses visibility and generate enquiries. She has a passion for supporting businesses and has huge enthusiasm for making social media benefit them. Knowing both how social media works and how to use it generate enquiries for business has meant she has been able to get tangible results for clients.

Silvia Del Corso of PinkSEO

Silvia Del Corso

Based in Isleworth, West London, PinkSEO Limited is a dedicated SEO agency that operates exclusively online. Under the leadership of Silvia Del Corso, our goal is to enhance our clients’ digital presence for maximum online impact.

We are committed to core values including transparency, effectiveness, ethical practices, reliability, trust, flexibility, work-life integration, respectful relationships, and building meaningful connections and collaborations. We prioritise resilience over stability, and we are deeply committed to our clients’ success through a data-driven approach.

PinkSEO offers a comprehensive suite of search engine optimisation services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our monthly SEO membership plans are designed to ensure sustainable growth and high-quality results. We also provide bespoke solutions for businesses with specific needs.

Our approach to website optimisation focuses on improving rankings and visibility by addressing technical elements and creating authoritative content. This ensures that our clients’ online presences are optimised for success.

With decades of combined experience among our seven PAYE team members, we excel at helping businesses understand and leverage SEO. Our aim is to empower them to use their online presence to achieve increased business leads and revenue through organic website traffic.

Loris Clements

Loris Clements

Loris is a brand strategist and copywriter, and we’ve collaborated successfully for over 8 years, through pregnancies (mine), relocations abroad (hers) and any number of fantastic projects for our clients.

Loris combines an ability to guide clients toward clarity in understanding and defining their brand with a forensic approach to delivering high-quality copywriting. She’s at her best when sitting down with clients to ask the questions that get straight to the heart of the challenge (as she puts it herself, “It helps that I’m insatiably nosey!”). She’s especially good at helping clients overcome the challenges of working inside a business to see it from a customer point of view. 

She founded her own business nearly 10 years ago, after 20+ years’ experience working in branding and marketing. So she’s also a safe pair of hands when it comes to managing projects, and keeping things on track. With a background in creative agencies, Loris loves collaborating with a project team, as well as delivering professional, engaging and intelligent copy. 

When not crafting brand values, web pages or blog posts, Loris enjoys knotty challenges of a different kind – she’s a keen (amateur) textile artist working in macramé, crochet and embroidery. Loris works from her home on a Greek island, is learning Greek, and also enjoys stomping up and down mountains and fighting a losing battle with taming her mountain garden. Ask her anything, except about the local weather. We prefer not to encourage her to talk about that!