Sometimes I feel like my role is more than just a marketing consultant, and actually goes into the realm of being a business consultant. But I think this is partly because at The Marketing Associates we believe that marketing is part of the bigger picture for your business, not external but internal to your processes and goals.

What are the similarities that we have to business consultants and how do I see myself slipping into that role?

Is a Marketing Consultant actually a Business Consultant?

Being at the Table 

To start, when we’re discussing marketing we are working closely with the business owners, directors and senior leadership teams within a business. We are engaged with the very top of the business because this is where the direction for growth and strategy is developed. Having a seat at this table allows us to really be a part of the business and see conversations from sales to staffing, service offering to retention. The variety of speciality areas mean that I’m in a unique position as a marketing consultant to feed these all into your overall marketing strategy. 


Cross-Team Collaboration 

Within the strategy a marketing consultant makes sure that there is an alignment between these different departments and teams. Therefore we have to advise and manage other aspects of the business ensuring financial results are realistic, services are suitable, audiences are accurate and the messaging is correct. This positioning across all the different teams is similar to that of a business consultant, just with a marketing perspective. 


Driving Results in the Business 

A marketing consultant might not always look at the overall impact of their services on a business, but we do. The review and revise part of any robust marketing strategy that is implemented relies on your understanding of the impact of the marketing on the business. Being able to ensure that key goals are achieved and exceeded as a result of your marketing impact allows us to function in a similar role to a business consultant. Whether these goals are achieved through growth, brand recognition or audience engagement. 



It’s surprising how similar a marketing consultant’s role is to that of a business consultant. It just goes to show how essential marketing is to your business. We pull together the different goals and objectives of the business and utilise them to create a coherent marketing strategy, reviewing the impact to ensure that your plan is efficient and effective. 

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