There are currently 34.9 million people in the UK on LinkedIn.

This makes it an incredibly important platform with wide reach, regular engagement and a live audience. This means that LinkedIn is the perfect platform to consolidate and demonstrate your experience, share value-adding content, and find new clients.

Although LinkedIn has been going for over 21 years, many professionals are still making basic mistakes on the platform.

5 Common LinkedIn Mistakes

Here are the top 5 mistakes and how to fix them:

Mistake 1: Having a Poor Profile

Remember that you are ‘selling yourself on LinkedIn’. This platform was originally set up as an online CV, so make sure your best side is conveyed.

Take the time to create a compelling and professional profile. Include a clear professional profile picture (no selfies). Use a work-related banner image – logo, contact details or strapline etc. Include a detailed description of what you do, who you serve, your experience and why people should choose you.

And, make sure your profile is easily searchable and provides a positive impression to prospective clients.

Mistake 2: Only Talking About Yourself

Strike a balance between self-promotion and adding value to your connections.

Share valuable content, insights, and knowledge that can benefit your audience. Focus on building relationships and engaging with others, rather than solely showcasing your achievements and talking about yourself.

Aim to provide helpful information that establishes you as an authority in your field, showcasing your professional knowledge and skills as well as your personality.

This is an important balance to get right, after all, ‘People Buy People’.

Mistake 3: Not Building a Network

As mentioned, there are over 34.9m UK users on LinkedIn.

Actively grow your network on by connecting with clients, professional connections, and new prospects.

When clients engage with your services or prospects inquire about your offerings, send them connection requests. Regularly review your calendar to connect with people you’ve recently spoken with.

Additionally, consider sending connection requests to individuals who might be potential clients, accompanied by a polite note explaining why you want to connect.

Mistake 4: Only Posting When You Remember

Focus on posting consistent and valuable content.

Post regularly and share your expertise by providing valuable, interesting and engaging information.

Mix what you post with personal thoughts/activities and business-related expertise i.e. post a business blog but also talk about the company, charities, personal achievements etc.

Engage with others by reacting, commenting, and sharing their posts in a meaningful way. Concentrate on building your audience by connecting with clients, professional connections, and individuals you’ve interacted with recently.

By focusing on genuine engagement and adding value, you will naturally increase your visibility and reach on the platform.

Mistake 5: Not Measuring and Optimising LinkedIn Efforts

Keep track of your LinkedIn performance and assess what strategies are working for you.

Use LinkedIn analytics to monitor the engagement and reach of your posts. Pay attention to the types of content that resonate with your audience and adjust your approach accordingly.

For example, my personal posts perform better for engagement but my professional blog posts demonstrate my knowledge and skill-set therefore are both valuable. Refine your LinkedIn strategy based on the data you gather to improve your effectiveness on the platform.


If you implement the above 5 points then you should see a marked improvement in your LinkedIn profile, engagement and hopefully your business. By avoiding these mistakes and implementing the suggested solutions, you can make better use of LinkedIn, maximise the opportunities it offers, and stay ahead of the competition.


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