Getting external consultants involved in a business can often be a daunting prospect for many business owners. Concerns around confidentiality, quality of work and cost are some of the factors that put people off. But, in reality, employing a specialist marketing consultant on a flexible basis can help to turn around a business, enable the other staff to focus on their daily work and grow the business through considered and effective marketing. 
  1. Experts With Varied Experience: Bringing in an independent marketing expert means that they bring with them the latest information and training, years of experience and knowledge on the subject as well as a skillset that is up-to-date and varied across the marketing sector – not something that is easily available in an employed member of staff.
  2. Focus On What You Are Good At: By engaging with a strategic marketer, it allows you to focus on the core business itself and to do what you excel at and enjoy most without having to worry about making time for marketing planning, activities and management.
  3. A Fresh Pair Of Eyes: Employing a marketing consultant such as The Marketing Associates within your company means bringing in a fresh pair of professional business eyes that can support and recommend on all marketing-related topics as well as their own personal experiences as a business owner themselves.
  4. Your Success Is Their Success: This is a very important point because the marketing consultant needs to constantly prove ROI by delivering results otherwise the client may take the business elsewhere! An outsourced marketing professional is genuinely interested in, and committed to, continually optimising your business’ marketing activity for best possible results, therefore outsourcing your marketing means there is less risk of stagnation or possible neglect that can be found within in-house staff.
  5. Finally… Saving On Overheads: By using an independent professional marketing consultant you are able to save on the overheads of staff and not have to worry about holiday and sickness pay, staff training and holidays while being safe in the knowledge that the consultant only bills for the time spent on your business. In fact, using an external consultant is more cost-effective than employing a marketing manager or above!

​If you would like to discuss your marketing requirements with a professional independent marketing consultant then please do not hesitate to contact or call 01233 720379