The latest Digital Women conference with over 250 other women in  business was held on Monday in London, brainchild of digital marketing guru Lucy Hall and hosted by NatWest Business. Although the day was all pretty useful, I have pulled out the top learnings from the event to share with you from Instagram to AI, the self-employed to million-pound agency owners:

1. ‘1 in 3 entrepreneurs are female and female led businesses are just as successful as male led ones (why wouldn’t they be?!?) but there is still a huge void in female business owners due to lack of confidence, lack of support, lack of funding. The UK is currently missing 1.1 million female led businesses, if we could create these the UK economy would grow by over £250 Billion!’ from Nick Howes from NatWest Business – yes, a man was allowed in the room – he believes that business is all be about collaboration and allies! 

2. ‘We are just at the beginning of the AI journey and we ourselves need to be more human about the inclusion of it. Yes, it will have negative impacts on traditional jobs (did you know there is already a hotel in Japan run almost entirely by robots from front of house to cooking) but the possibilities are endless from combating gang warfare to diagnosing cancer – although AI is only as good as the people who are programming it.’ From the fabulously honest Katie King from Zoodikers Agency and Author of Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.  

3. ‘Did you know that Instagram stories gets more views than traditional posts? Did you know that you can now post full videos to IGTV (Instagram TV)? Did you know that 2 in 3 of the people that view your bio page aren’t following you (yet) therefore your first six feed posts need to be on point and working as hard as possible as they are a glimpse into your business!’ Lucia Banio from Facebook gave the most educational presentation on the latest possibilities on Instagram and how to use these in business.  

4. ‘Don’t try and be everything to everybody as you just end up being nothing to nobody’ and For your business to succeed you must have a ‘Public Passion with a Private Purpose’ Loved these insightful and experience driven quotes from Ciara founder of My Fussy Eater, a mum of two who has built a huge online following and ad revenue website whilst wearing pjs in her kitchen trying to get her children to eat her recipes.  

5. 6 tips to ensure your business succeeds from the ultimate agency boss Becky from Reflect Digital;
– Have fun (make sure what you do excites and delights you)
– Think differently (everything has already been done, think differently!)
– Get your ducks in a row early (ensure you have the basics in place before you start)
– Bill upfront (cash flow is what kills a business)
– Differentiate (what’s different about YOU, why do YOU standout?)
– Practise what you preach (live and breath your brand, your business)  

6. ‘Video is 60,000 times more visually stimulating than the written word’ a little lesson in how to create interesting video content through apps such as MoShow and Snapseed from video enthusiast Amber Vellacott at Sleeping Giant Media  

7. ‘Having a solid sales funnel is the most effective way to upscale a business with a product staircase… build relationships and optimise, means being able to make the right offer at the right time’ says the incredible digital technologist Katrina Young from KYC Digital.

8. Why Facebook adverts fail by the knowledgeable Carly Stringer from Keystone Virtual.
– Too much copy or not enough copy

– No clear Call to Action
– Stock images used
– Exaggerated results (dramatic before and after images)
– Negative language or connotations