Hands up who uses Google to search for a product, brand or business listing? Well, you aren’t alone. In fact, there are over 5.4 billion searches made on Google globally every day*. So, in this rapidly-evolving online world where new businesses are springing up left, right and centre, and old businesses are struggling to keep up, it is now more than ever absolutely crucial that every company has a Google Business Profile that is not only up-to-date but also updated regularly.

A Google Business Profile, Your First Online Marketing Tool

With 90% of global searches being done through this search engine*, having a Google Business presence becomes your shop window. Without a profile you will simply not be found. A Google My Business profile doesn’t just provide your name and address but so much more! Logos, images, map location, contact details, opening hours, reviews, articles, product information, social media links and even a ‘Buy now’ option.  

Help People Find You

Your Google Business Profile will come up from a direct search i.e., ‘John Lewis Bluewater’ not ‘shops at Bluewater’. This means that getting your business name out there is just as important. Your business can also be found if someone is searching a competitor business on Google maps. Google uses relevance, distance and prominence when serving results – another reason why you must have a complete business.

Example of Google map results for ‘The Marketing Associates’

Google Business Profile Boosts SEO

A Google Business listing will improve the local SEO ranking of your business. As mentioned above Google uses relevance, distance and prominence. It does this by ‘’providing social signals to Google, by driving traffic to your website, and by providing social proof in the form of reviews’’*.

Think Brand, Brand & Brand

Image is everything.Ensure your brand stands out over and above your competitors by providing as much information as possible on your business. Ensure your brand always looks it’s best. Upload different logo variants (if you have them), upload images of your branded business (office, shop, products, marketing material etc.)  Remember consistence in the brand’s look and feel and Tone of Voice in all written pieces, including your Google My Business profile, is paramount.

Who Said What

Testimonials and reviews are king! Do you read what others have said about a service, restaurant, product, holiday etc. According to www.qualtrics.com 93% of customers read online reviews before buying! Google My Business gives your business the opportunity to showcase your reviews to prospect customers. Ask customers to leave a review as Google reviews about your business are imperative. You can even pay a licensing fee to have these listed directly onto your website. Google uses the reviews as social proof that you’re a legitimate, successful business thus serves your listing to those searching.

Make it Easy to Connect

Google Business Profile makes it even easier for customers to contact you. If using a mobile device, they can ring you straight from your profile. The profiles also provide direct email and messages so customers can contact you easily.

* Source: www.Google.com

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