If you’re a small business, the chances are you might not (yet) have got to the point where you can hire someone full-time, let alone more than one person with different skills.

So how do you go about finding the right people to trust with your marketing?

The first thing I often find with small businesses is that marketing tends to be tactical, and based on who happens to have particular skills.

So-and-so is a bit of a social media fan, and likes making TikTok videos, or posting photos on Instagram. So we’ll let them get on with it.

There’s a trade event coming up – so, quick, we need a stand, and some flyers.

You get the picture.

How to keep your marketing running even if you are not around

But if you’re truly committed to achieving business success, it’s vital that marketing becomes a core part of your business, and that you have a solid, considered and aligned strategy in place. And to achieve results from that strategy, you need the right people, with the long-term vision, and the skills, to deliver.

How do you do that as a small business?

If you are planning to employ someone to take control of your marketing, you first need to understand what they are going to be responsible for.

Do you already have a strategy, and simply need someone to carry out day-to-day tasks to keep things on track? 

Do you need someone who can think strategically, or take control of digitally transforming your marketing functions?

Do you need someone with creative skills, who can produce professional marketing communications?

Do you need someone who really understands your brand and your audience, and who can write powerful engaging copy?

All of the above?

That’s a lot to ask of one person!

That’s one of the reasons I founded The Marketing Associates. By building the right team for each client, we can bring in the appropriate skills as they are needed. We guide small businesses through the steps to build a powerful brand presence with a strong voice, to define their business goals, and to implement a marketing strategy that supports them. 

We put the right team in place – from Fractional Marketing Director, to social media support. We ensure that monthly marketing activity happens, and we monitor, measure, feed back and adjust as needed. 

It means that you have a marketing team that you can rely on.

What do you think? 

What’s your biggest marketing challenge? I’d love to know.

If you’re struggling to keep all of your marketing plates spinning, please do not hesitate to contact Tabitha Beasley at The Marketing Associates: tabitha@themarketingassociates.co.uk or call 01233 720379