Although I have been working from home for 5 years now, it is only over the last few days that I have realised what an important skillset this is. I have seen many posts on Social Media asking for hints and tips for those having to work from home for the first time. I therefore thought I would share some of my experience and tips here with you.

My 6 Tips To Help You Work From Home

  1. Set up your own working space: If this is possible… try not to work off the sofa or kitchen table. By having a designated desk or working area helps to keep you focused and more proactive as you are less likely to get distracted.
  2. Set a schedule: Get up, dress and eat breakfast as normal. Make sure you have a clear ‘To Do’ list around your working hours. Focus on what you need to get through that day and work through it whilst keeping in touch with team members. Have regular breaks away from your desk for lunch and fresh air so that you are able to work well and stick to your required output.
  3. Get out for fresh air every day: I appreciate things are moving rapidly and there may be some people self-isolating whilst others are on lockdown, but if possible, get out for a walk, stretch your legs and get some fresh air. This will ultimately make you feel better and more focused when back at your laptop.
  4. Avoid home distractions: Whilst the benefits of working from home include putting a wash on, preparing dinner, making personal phone calls etc. these are things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do during the working day so should be kept to outside of work hours. Try not to watch daytime TV, read a magazine or stop and chat with the kids/pets/housemates/partner unless these are part of your day job.
  5. Speak to someone: It is important to talk to people throughout the day. Therefore pick up the phone rather than email when you can. Ask people how they are getting on and what tips they have and how they are staying active. This situation isn’t going to last forever so try and enjoy the benefits of the working at home set up while you can – clean, tidy, sort out that cupboard, do the jobs you never have time to do or even just do some self-care.

My personal favourite:

  1. Drink plenty of water: Not only does this keep you hydrated and fresh but will make you get up and move around regularly to use your home facilities!


If you have children you might find it hard now that they are at home with you while trying to work.  You can find some tips on my post for working in the summer holidays.