When you’re doing internal marketing for your own business, why does it always feel so hard? Even as a Fractional Marketing Director, I love to create the marketing strategies for my clients but when it comes to writing my own content, I sometimes get stumped. So, why is it so hard to write your own content for your business?

Maybe it’s time to look at outsourced marketing as an option?

Here are some of the reasons why it’s so hard to do your own marketing:

Outsourced Marketing may be the solution to your internal marketing woes

Your Own Limitations 

When you’re running a business, or working closely within one it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to your marketing. It’s complicated to explain but in the midst of doing work, we’ve all felt that low energy moment when you’d rather do anything other than your marketing. It comes with motivation and being too close to see the bigger picture. This often means that you’ve not got a clear marketing strategy within your business and so are instead focussing on smaller tasks. Having and using your marketing plan will help you to gain momentum and more clarity with your marketing. 


External Perception

You can also find that in your internal marketing you can struggle to see things from a new perspective. This often happens when you’ve been running your marketing for an extended period of time with no changes. When you’ve said the key messages before but don’t know how to say them differently or in a new way. This again can hamper your motivation to complete your marketing. Having a fresh pair of eyes, or outsourcing can help you to revitalise your marketing and find new ways to approach your key messages. 


Prioritising Yourself 

It’s hard to actually prioritise your own internal marketing, no matter how important it is. You might find that when you’ve got a tasklist that keeps on expanding and that client work keeps creeping in higher than your marketing which just gets pushed further and further down the list. Sometimes it’s because the client work you have is much more highly paid than working on your marketing (who pays themselves for the jobs they do on their business?). Other times, it’s just because you don’t value your own business marketing as an essential task. However, you can’t put off marketing forever, because without marketing you don’t have sales and without sales your business will suffer.


An Important Warning…

However, if you are going to use outsourcing there are some things that you need to make sure you’re aware of and have ready to provide for a marketing expert or fractional marketing director: 

Tone of Voice

When handing over any marketing material to an outsourced company you should always have some pieces that are in the tone of voice of your brand. Without these you will lose the authenticity of your voice through your marketing. Not having a consistent tone will deplete your trust and brand consistency online which in turn will harm your return on investment from any marketing activity. 

Branding Guidelines 

Beyond sounding like your brand, any marketing activities you outsource should be handed over along with your brand guidelines. These should at a minimum contain your logos, colours, fonts and taglines. These will help to ensure consistent marketing that sticks in theme with your brand across all your platforms, websites and marketing materials. 



Doing your marketing internally can feel impossible. When you’re struggling with your marketing strategy or your day to day marketing activities then outsourcing to a marketing consultant, marketing team or fractional marketing director could be the right move for your business. This can bring in a fresh perspective, give you more time to work on your other priorities and allow you to see your marketing with a fresh perspective at a higher level rather than amongst the weeds.

If you’d like to have a conversation about outsourcing your marketing, contact Tabitha Beasley at The Marketing Associates: tabitha@themarketingassociates.co.uk or call 01233 720379