The Marketing Associates; 6 years in business: 53 clients, 8 speaking slots, 6 radio interviews, 2 business awards, 1 global pandemic and 2 more children later… The Marketing Associates is re-branded and reinvigorated.

Introducing the new bright, bold and creative TMA. Whilst black and white was carefully choosen for the initial brand (because the way I work is very black and white), but that TMA brand didn’t reflect the knowledge, personality and creativity that it delivers. Therefore, asking for input from clients, colloborators and partners and working with a brilliant top London designer, TMA has a new more colourful, creative and current look and feel.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing and posting useful blogs about; The Importance of Branding, Why Re-Brand, What a Brand Means and even a ‘Guess the Brand’ section. Keep your eyes peeled!

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New colourway and lock up – Teal
New colourway and lock up – Fuchia
New colourway and lock-up – Orange
Services offered by TheMarketing Assistant
Services offered by The Marketing Associates
Sevices offered by The Marketing Associates