Why employ a marketer over a sales person? Well, both functions are of equal importance within a business model. If you don’t have sales, you don’t have money for marketing, if you don’t have marketing then you won’t generate sales. But if you are wanting to increase your sales, turnover and profit then what do you look to do? Invest in sales staff, hire a new business manager or engage with a professional marketer? A client recently told me that the board felt it was of more value to engage with me than to hire a sales person. Obviously, I agree with this decision but do other business owners understand and value marketing resources to the same degree as sales staff? Here are some points to explain the value and worth of decent support over and above sales staff.

Marketing vs. Sales – understanding what they do

Firstly, it is important to understand what each title means. “Marketing is any business action that creates interest or gathers information about a prospect or potential customer. Sales is a process that begins once a business knows a prospect exists, the sales team then moves the prospect through the purchase decision”. *”

So, without Marketing there will be no sales. Marketing needs to come first in order to ensure the brand is correct, tone of voice right, and messaging accurate. Sales need to close that deal. But what about sales that naturally happen because the marketers have done their job right? Marketing needs to work hard to build a brand and warm up prospects for Sales to get over the line.

Experts With More Than Marketing Experience:

Bringing in an independent expert means that they bring with them a holistic approach to business with years of marketing experience and knowledge. They also hold a skillset that is up-to-date and varied across their sector. They also understand the importance, roles and alignment of the sales and customer service roles. Therefore an independent marketer can enhance and dovetail all marketing activity to support these functions.

Freeing Up In-House Resource

By engaging with a strategic marketer it allows staff within the business to focus on their day job and convert sales. This in turn means not having to worry about making time for day-to-day marketing planning and activities, management and analytics.

Fresh Pair Of Business Eyes

Employing a consultant not only means bringing in a fresh pair of professional eyes that can support and recommend on all marketing-related topics. The professional can deliver on personal experiences as a business owner with knowledge of running a business and ideas and support across the sales process.

And Finally…Your Success Is My Success

Sales staff are incentivised financially. A strategic consultant needs to constantly prove ROI by delivering client results, otherwise the client may take the business elsewhere! An outsourced professional marketer is genuinely interested in, and committed to continually optimising the client’s marketing activity for the best possible results ensuring that sales continue to grow.

*Source: www.impactplus.com

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Why Choose Marketing Resources Over Sales Staff?