No matter what your business is, you need marketing and a marketing strategy. It’s an essential part of your business toolkit. Without marketing at the heart of your strategy for growth, you can be talking to empty rooms.

When no one’s there, you can’t make any sales! Your business has many aspects that all work together and a great analogy for understanding how this works is to think of it as a body…

Marketing Strategy Is the Heart That Pumps Every Business

The Brain 

Your brain gives direction and makes the top level decisions for your body on a daily basis. It is the force behind the decisions that alter your daily life. In your business this is reflected in the relationship that the directors have. They will set objectives and guidance to create the pathway that your business will go down. But the brain can’t work alone.


The Liver 

Alongside your brain, your liver manages the separation of your toxins and separates the good from the bad. It helps with your every day function and being able to continue running from the inside. This aligns with your operations on a day to day basis. Your operations will run smoothly (or not in some cases) but will filter out the day to day decisions without your brain having to make a choice about every small molecule. 


The Reproductive Organs 

These are the parts who are looking to help you grow. They represent your sales and your ability to continue your business. Looking out for new opportunities and seeking to grow the business and get new clients or customers as quickly as possible. But importantly, they can’t do this by themselves.


The Heart and Blood 

So, what’s holding this all together? The blood and heart. They’re taking the goals and vision of the directors and flowing through the sales and operations. Your marketing will allow you to take the top level decisions and create the return on investment for your sales team. Without a marketing strategy the whole system cannot function as they will do so individually and not as a united front. 


Your marketing may seem external sometimes, and that can be because you’ve not aligned it with your goals and strategy for the future. But without marketing you won’t have sales and without sales your business will suffer in the long run. 

To bring in a coherent marketing strategy will allow you to actually align these parts of your business’ body. If you’re struggling to make these parts the whole, The Marketing Associates can help you to build an efficient marketing plan that will start to bring your business back together and allow you to act as a healthy ecosystem.

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