Is 2022 the year that your small businesses marketing is going to make you proud? Transform your business? Or maybe leave your competitors following you? I hope so! If you have decided that this year is the year to shake up your marketing then read these 5 Top Marketing Musts to find out the 2022 trends and get started today.

Be Social Proof

Ensure your brand is totally and utterly ‘Social Proof’. This means that all of your online activity is up to date, aligned and working. Make sure your website is up to date (this includes a SEO audit to check plus-ins, updates, tags etc. Make sure your social media platforms and Google My Business are all to date with correct contact details, latest content, products, offers and testimonials. Post and share happy customer content where possible to set the tone for your brand. Lastly be consistent, be on-brand and be original with all that you do and say on and offline.

Earn Trust

Trust is a massive part of making someone part with their – or their businesses – hard earned cash. Brands need to build trust with their audience. Trust is needed to get sales, encourage repeat sales, gain word of mouth recommendations and online testimonials. According to 70% of consumers agree that brand trust is more important today than in the past. Especially after the last very turbulent 2 years. But how to go gain trust I hear you ask? The ways to gain trust are simple. Be authentic and consistent with messaging. Interact with customers even before a purchase, from an enquiry to a social media post comment, always reply. As a brand put customers first and reward relationships.

Personalise Everything

Ever heard the phrase ‘People buy People’, well it’s true! This goes hand in hand with building trust. We are all human, we all like to be treated nicely, thought of and rewarded. We respond better to something that is personalised to us. From using our names rather than ‘Dear Sir’, to understanding our habits, likes and dislikes. With all of the data from online it is getting easier for brands to personalise and interact on a different level.

Use Your Data

Brands have access to so much more data these days from online channels to web enquiries. Brands need to harness this and target accordingly. If you don’t already have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in place then look at getting one set-up as soon as possible.

E-commerce Far and Wide

Having an e-commerce website is not enough in 2022. In order to really get the sales, look to sell across a myriad of platforms. From native shopping to 3rd party apps, social media platforms to e-commerce sites. There is plenty of opportunity out there. Set aside time and budget to research and trial suitable selling opportunities. Invest in your own platforms to ensure they are working as hard as possible.

Top 5 Marketing Musts for Small Businesses in 2022

Blog written by Tabitha Beasley founder of The Marketing Associates, to read more please visit