You may have heard or seen the new buzzword ‘Fractional Marketing Director‘ being bandied around of late. But what does it mean and how does it potentially affect you and your business?

A Fractional Marketing Director is basically a new term for a part-time marketing consultant, a freelancer, self-employed strategist etc. I am now called a Fractional Marketing Director (I quite like it!) But, nothing new apart from potentially being an easier way for CEO’s to understand and value what us Fractional Marketing Directors do.

Fractional Marketing Director - what is this role?

Instead of committing to a full-time, in-house marketing director and all of the overheads and stress that comes with it, businesses can leverage the expertise of a Fractional Marketing Director on a part-time basis, optimising skill sets, budgets and resources.

What does a Fractional Marketing Director do?

A Fractional Marketing Director has large and varied experience in their field, is up to speed with the latest marketing trends and understands the nuances of marketing across a variety of channels such as digital, social, SEO, web, events and sectors. Their primary responsibilities include marketing strategy i.e. what a business needs to do to achieve their set objectives. This can include researching, planning, managing and the execution of marketing campaigns that help their clients’ businesses grow.

When you’re looking for some senior marketing support, it is essential that you check their experience in your specific sector as well as their experience across the different marketing channels required. Any decent Fractional Marketing Director should have a portfolio of case studies and testimonials.

In House vs Fractional Marketing Directors

In a landscape where adaptability and agility are paramount, a Fractional Marketing Director emerges as a strategic ally for businesses seeking top-tier marketing expertise without the commitment of a full-time hire.This unique role not only offers cost-effectiveness but also brings a wealth of strategic value to the table, as well as general business knowledge from running their own consultancy.

However, it’s necessary to realise this isn’t necessarily a one or the other situation. A Fractional Marketing Director is also an excellent opportunity for filling your current marketing team’s leadership needs. In addition to developing robust strategies, they help you select and train team members to develop an in-house marketing department, foster interdepartmental collaboration, and mentor employees who need support and growth.

A Fractional Marketing Director means that you can have an in-house marketing team, but still utilise the benefits of an outsourced professional to boost your team’s knowledge, skills and experience.

In Conclusion

Fractional Marketing Directors are beneficial for providing a dynamic bridge between expertise and efficiency in the ever-evolving world of marketing. As we navigate modern marketing, the Fractional Marketing Director emerges not only as a cost-effective solution but as a catalyst for dynamic growth and adaptability.

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