When people ask what I do, my response of ‘I am an outsourced Marketing Consultant’ often receives a blank look. If you are one of those who is unsure what a marketing consultant is, and how one can change your business, then this blog is for you!

A marketing consultant is a professional who provides expertise, guidance and strategy to a business on all elements of the marketing mix on a freelance basis i.e. not employed as a member of staff.

A marketing consultant, otherwise known as a strategic marketer, typically work on a freelance or outsourced basis, offering their services to clients who need assistance with marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategies.

What is a marketing consultant?

Marketing consultants tend to be older, more experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of marketing principles, industry trends, and effective strategies. They should have qualifications and years of experience on different brands, market sectors and media genres. An outsourced marketing consultant help businesses develop and execute marketing plans, identify target audiences, analyse competitors, review marketing activity, optimise current advertising and promotional activities, and improve the overall brand positioning.

An outsourced or freelance marketing consultants will work on a retained basis, establishing long-term relationship with clients to create a bespoke aligned and cohesive marketing strategy. They provide ongoing support, advice, and recommendations to help achieve short, medium and long term business goals. This arrangement allows businesses to benefit from the consultant’s expertise without the need for hiring a full-time marketing professional, thus saving on staff overheads.

Freelance or outsourced marketing consultants bring fresh perspectives, specialised skillset, and an external viewpoint to a business. They offer objective insights, identify areas for improvement, and develop customised strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business.

An outsourced marketing consultant may have a niche or field of specialism such as marketing for accountants, law firms and IFA’s. It is important that your marketing consultant has experience of the type of business you have i.e. ecommerce, FMCG, fashion etc.

Overall, marketing consultants play a crucial role in helping businesses enhance their marketing efforts, maximize their reach, and achieve better results in a highly competitive marketplace.


Why hire a marketing consultant?

In short contracting an outsourced marketing professional gives you:


  • Professional support in a flexible manner
  • Access to the latest marketing initiatives without the need to train and research yourself
  • Affordable skillset to grow your business
  • An on-going relationship that works alongside your business to ensure all marketing activities are aligned and delivering
  • Senior marketing advice without hiring staff

Want to know more?

If you are considering the benefits of an outsourced marketing consultant for your professional services business the The Marketing Associates can help you.

At The Marketing Associates, we specialise in strategic freelance marketing support for professional service practices.

Providing excellent quality advice on your marketing strategy to develop and grow your business on a retained basis.

If you would like to discuss your business’s marketing requirements with an outsourced marketing consultant, then please do not hesitate to contact Tabitha Beasley at The Marketing Associates:

Tabitha@themarketingassociates.co.uk or call 01233 720379