If you’re a confident writer yourself, and have the time to do it, you might be wondering where the value lies in engaging the services of a professional copywriter. I know several business owners who enjoy writing their own blogs and articles, who find that it helps them to focus their ideas.

If that’s you, great. I find writing time-consuming, and although I enjoy it when I have the time, once it becomes just another thing on my to-do list, it starts to feel like a chore.

Why do you need a copywriter

For many people, writing is a major challenge – maybe because of dyslexia, lack of confidence or because it simply isn’t your thing.

There are some good reasons to hand it over to a professional, right there.

When we’re working hard on our business, most of us quickly realise that there are things we need to outsource – admin, finances, IT, marketing(!) – to people who specialise in those areas, and copywriting is a good addition to that list.

Why is professional copy important?

Using well-written copy is just as important as having experienced designers and developers working on your website or other marketing collateral.

You wouldn’t pay a graphic designer to create a gorgeous brochure, then print it yourself on a cheap printer. But it’s surprising how often designers create a concept only to find that the actual copy is an afterthought for their client!

A copywriter will look at your business with your customers’ needs and priorities in mind, and ensure that every word works hard.

It’s also vital that your copy is grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes. Some people won’t notice or care about errors, but many will!

What else can a copywriter offer?

When you’re writing communications for your audience (whether we’re talking about your website, product or service descriptions, a campaign, or emails to your customers), a skilled copywriter will be able to write directly to any of your target demographics. They can get inside your customers’ heads, and speak directly to their challenges and concerns, whether your target customers are teenagers or pensioners.

With so many of our relationship-building interactions happening online these days, through websites or social media, well-written content helps to personalise your brand and allow your customers to feel as though they are interacting with people who understand them and their needs.

You might also want to ask a copywriter for help with things like your LinkedIn profile, or any ‘About Me’ text you need. Writing about yourself can be one of the toughest tasks around.

Trade secret: even many writing professionals don’t like doing it, and entrust the job to another writer! Instead of shuffling it to the bottom of your to-do list again, why not ask a writer, and use it as an opportunity to see how well you work together?

Building your brand

A good copywriter will understand your brand and be able to work with your guidelines to ensure that your tone of voice remains consistent, appropriate and relevant to your audience. And if you don’t yet have established brand guidelines for your copy (we often call these ‘tone of voice’ guidelines) they can help you to develop them, so that anyone writing for your brand can follow them.

Some copywriters specialise, so you might need someone who can write specifically for your social media accounts or campaigns; or someone who can help you to define your brand and build strong foundations for all your communications.

Inspiring ideas

Sitting outside your business, even once they’ve taken a deep dive into it to understand it, a professional copywriter will offer you new ideas for campaigns or content, or a fresh spin on your own ideas. With an external perspective, they’ll point out what could work better for you, and often spot problems that you might have missed (broken page links or missing information on your website, for example).

How do I find a great copywriter?

Finding a copywriter isn’t difficult, a quick Google search will come up with a myriad options. Finding a great copywriter takes a little more effort. Word of mouth recommendations are a good place to start. If you’ve got people in your network who have a brand, or a website that you admire for its powerful messaging and immaculate copy, ask them who they used.

Or you could ask your outsourced marketing consultant for their recommendation.

Top Tip: Once you’ve found someone, ask them to provide some samples of recent work, and have a chat with them. You might want to give them a try-out on something small (like your profile, or an article or two) before committing to a major project. It’s a good chance for them to get to know you, and your business.

If you’d like to find out more about how a copywriter could help you, please contact Tabitha Beasley at The Marketing Associates: tabitha@themarketingassociates.co.uk or call 01233 720379