Why monthly newsletters work so hard

I often get asked how regularly should a business send out a newsletter. I tend to advise that it depends on your content – do you have useful, interesting and relevant content to share?

But recently read an article on the benefits of a monthly newsletter for professional service businesses, and it got me researching!

Do you send monthly newsletters to your clients, prospects and associates? Well, if you don’t then now is the time to start. This blog is a definitive case for sending newsletters to your clients, prospects, and professional connections every single month without fail. Not every three months, not once in a while and not just when you remember!

So, why do monthly newsletters work so hard?

Well, it’s simple – check out these 7 points to find out why:

1. A monthly newsletter adds 3 times more value

If you are currently sending out a newsletter once a quarter, then sending it out monthly with increase the value of the marketing tool by three times!

A well-written, interesting and relevant newsletter adds value to your business and demonstrates your expertise whilst keeping you front of mind and in regular contact.

2: Clients DO want to hear from you

It’s a myth that clients don’t want to hear from you. Many people worry that monthly newsletters will annoy or bombard the people receiving it.

If you’re one of those people, then here are some statistics to show that you shouldn’t worry.

Case Study: An Independent Financial Adviser use to send out one newsletter per quarter; in the first half of 2022 they had open rates of 48.99% and 43.57%.


Once they moved to monthly newsletters the open rates rose to:
• 70.21% month one
• 72.07% month two
• 76.84% month three
• 76.76% month four

3: A monthly newsletter nurtures prospects

If you don’t nurture suitable prospects who don’t immediately become clients by sending them regular content, then you waste the time and money you’ve spent generating the enquiry in the first place.

A business newsletter aims to position you as a go-to expert, and means you’ll achieve your objectives far quicker if you send the newsletter monthly, not quarterly.

4. Supports a client’s relationship

How long does it take to onboard a new client? Three, four, even six months?

That’s a long time when they might go weeks without hearing from you. And that’s where your newsletter comes in. If you send a monthly business newsletter, then it acts as a monthly touchpoint that reminds clients why they chose you in the first place and helps to build and strengthen your relationship.

5. Consistency demonstrates reliability

Every time your monthly newsletter is sent out, it demonstrates your consistency and frequency in both marketing and messaging as well as boosts your reputation for reliability.

The length of time between quarterly newsletters means this just doesn’t happen. It feels like you’re starting all over again every time you send one out.

A lower send frequency can mean prospects, who are naturally less familiar with your brand, are more likely to forget who you are and why they’re on your distribution list, increasing the likelihood that they’ll unsubscribe.

6: It’s the fastest / easiest and widest way to distribute your content

Once you’ve invested time and money in producing high-quality content, you want as many people to read it as possible, right? So why hide it away on your website where people are unlikely to find it or post each article out on social media one at a time.

Unfortunately, clients probably aren’t bookmarking your website and regularly checking back to see if you’ve published something new. If you want to maximise the number of people looking at your content, you must put it under their noses. The best way to do that is with a professionally written, useful, engaging and content-packed newsletter?

7: You’ll communicate in a timelier way

Quarterly newsletters make it hard to be bang up-to-date.

For example, if you achieve something this month then talk about it while it is hot and fresh, don’t sit on it for a month or two (or three). If you send your newsletter every month, your clients get the latest information they need from you as well as feeling confidence, and reassured that you are best in your field.

Equally, if you’re sharing news that is no longer hot off the press (which it won’t be if it happened two months before your newsletter goes out), you’re not presenting yourself as a go-to expert with your finger on the pulse.

If your clients, prospects, and professional connections can get relevant and timely information elsewhere, why would they sit around waiting for your quarterly update?


Remember: a professionally written monthly newsletter will perform better and work harder than any quarterly publications because it is up-to-date, useful, frequent and engaging.

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